AIR TITANIUM by Lindberg

LINDBERG is a Danish design company being the leader within its field with its high-fashion eyewear designs that are characterised by their unique functionality and comfort. LINDBERG’s pri-mary goal is to make life lighter and more beautiful for spectacle wearers worldwide.

All LINDBERG frames are customised to the individual wearer’s wishes and needs. The frames are not produced in an ordinary factory setting with big machinery and mass production, but in a mixture of real craftsmanship, modern technology and a touch of magic.

LINDBERG frames are among the lightest frames in the world – while also being incredibly flexible and strong. The lightness is reflected in the design in which everything superfluous – such as screws, rivets and welds - have been eliminated.

The sophisticated details and the innovative design are the very values focused on in the international design world. For this reason, LINDBERG has been awarded a large number of the most prestigious design prizes in the world.

Kella Musca
Baldor Grid
Otto Perry
Musca Pyrus
Cantus Selena

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