Over 45 years ago Giorgio Nannini began producing quality eyewear in his Modena factory. Nannini goggles have received many industry awards for good design.
All models feature hand sewn, padded genuine leather eyepads and vented chrome plated brass frames. Lenses are high definition non-distortive, scratch resistant, 100% UVA/UVB polycarbonate for perfect visibility in all conditions. The elastic headband has a silicone strip to keep it from sliding.
Hand Made in Italy, genuine Nannini Goggles represent the finest in tradition and quality.The story begin in 1954 when Giorgio Nannini began producing quality eyewear in his Modena factory.  Over the years, many developments have led Nannini to the 'top of the pack'.  As well as eyewear, Nannini has patented and produced many different things such as:  a "stop sign/direction indicator" unit for motorbikes (a great sales success), the first automatic machine for bending metal rims for eyewear and then increasingly sophisticated machines for processing lenses and optical resins.   The interesting thing is that many of Nannini's competitors, all over the world, produce eyewear with his machines. 
Behind all this activity, there is a courteous gentleman, who has a quiet appearance which hides a vulcanic inventors mind and a passion for mechanics and machines (he has been an enthusiastic motorbike rider). Giorgio Nannini, the owner of the numerous patents which are the company's fortune, is still today the soul of the company which he founded and directed. Thanks to the design, the technical solutions and capacity to sell quality products at competitive prices, Nannini has achieved an important position on the international scene.

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