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Theo got hold of a good position in the market niche of high-fashion spectacles without 'signature'. At the outset theo was only noticed and followed by a very limited group of avant-garde people who happened to wear glasses. But then theo managed to bring his product home to a wider public of young, confident.......

................happy far - and near- sighted peeople.

It is a strong collection. Take it or leave it.....

theo weaves textile patterns into latest collection Eye-witness theo

The Houndstooth pattern in a fine woollen fabric; what a combination! It’s a classic that theo can certainly appreciate. But theo is always looking for new challenges and makes a point of straying from the beaten path. For the new Eye-witness collection, theo has incorporated textile patterns. Five new models were created that are distinctive yet still have the signature style. Classic, but ever-so avant-garde. A pair of glasses as a textile element, so to speak, which becomes part of your outfit. Has a new eyewear classic been born?

The textile pattern is not the only story. These designs put the emphasis on the eyebrows. Even more than the eyes, the brows define the expression of a face. The accentuated tops of the frames seamlessly flow into the temples, endlessly extending the eyebrow line...

Avant-garde & asymmetry
theo has always had a soft spot for individualists. In order to keep the trendsetters on their toes, Eye- witness was launched in May 1995. People who wear Eye-witness are often free-spirited, men and women with a mind of their own. The outstanding characteristic of this collection is the asymmetry. Each set of frames is asymmetrically formed. Just like a face is never perfectly symmetrical, yet we barely notice it, these glasses have the same subtle differences between left and right sides.

The models
Eye-witness TA: Vichy checks, rectangular unisex model
Eye-witness TB: Checked motif, cat-eye model, very feminine and elegant.
Eye-witness TC: quadrillage plaid motif, feminine model
Eye-witness TD: detail from a Glen plaid motif, and since the eyebrows extend downwards, this model is more forceful and masculine
Eye-witness TE: Houndstooth motif, extreme cat-eye model, highly avant-garde and ultra-feminine.


The stainless steel frames are chemically etched in 2 stages. The two different thicknesses that are thus created are each given a different colour. Each set of frames is available in 8 colour combos. Most of the colour pairings are contrasting, but more subtle combinations are also available.


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